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Live Play

December 1, 2010

Almost everyday there are LPW’s to go and watch.  These are Live Play Workshops.  Students choose this as one of their electives. Let’s say the song is Holiday by Greenday, drummer students would sign up for the drummer parts and each other instrument and part would be covered by students in the corresponding courses.  There are all kinds of genres covered at these LPW’s.  The idea is that the students get graded on covering the song as close to its original form as possible.  The teachers perform the song first.

From my living room window I can look down towards MI and see when there are LPW’s happening in the passage way behind the storefront windows.  I love  taking advantage of this opportunity to watch live music.


MI Passage Way






Memorizing Marmalade


Lady Marmalade Melyssa


Much Music

November 30, 2010

I had an elaborate plan to post videos I’ve taken of where I live and my walk to school etc all to realize (after preparing yesterday’s post) that I can’t post my own videos unless I upgrade for $50.  I can post youtube videos though.

Here in Los Angeles there is always something going on.  I was sitting in Starbucks the other day and the guy seated near me appeared to be a writer suffering from writer’s block.  He said hello, I mentioned writer’s block…small talk, and that was that.  He left.  Then he came back with a friend wearing a coat that looked like it had been rained on a thousand times (so did his hair).  They said they wanted to cast me in the movie they were making that was going into production and going to “start shooting” right away.  They handed me a printed picture of what appeared to be a screen shot and pointed at the scantily clad girl in the car next to rained on guy and said “there we think you’d be perfect for that part”. Yes I was suspicious to begin with because you never know.  I said “well do you have a card?”  Neither of them could produce their card: “oh don’t you have yours?… oh… uh do you? no uh”.  I said “well you can understand why I would be a little reluctant to accept any offer here in Hollywood where there’s always something going on.  How about a website of the production company or one where I can read about the movie or what you’ve done in the past?”.  They said “uh yah add me on Facebook.  You can see my website on there.  My name is…”.  —-Yeah OH Sure! THEN you can see where I’m from, have my contact info, etc.
He saw on my laptop that I was on the internet so they seemed to pause to wait for me to add them I made sure I didn’t go back to that tab so they couldn’t see my last name and opened a word document and wrote out their names.  “Ok yeah I’ll have a look and be in touch”.  They were leaving and rained on guy says “ok yeah we’ll be in touch, call me okay.”  Right with the number you never gave me. Hmm.  I definitely googled their names.  One can’t be found but is on Facebook (don’t worry I never added them) and has that screenshot as his profile picture but you can’t see absolutely anything else on his page as it’s all hidden.  And the other I did see his name connected to a movie or two through google search but when I watched one of the shorts it looked like something I made in junior high and was definitely the suspected material in some scenes.

When Lyndsey visited me back in October we were walking down Melrose to check out some of the shops.  We were stopped by a production crew surrounded by cameras set up on tracks inside a sweet skate shop and asked if we could play extras in a music video.  We walked in checked out the scene asked some questions and played our parts.  Lyndsey never did get to buy the dress we went to Melrose to look for but hey we’re superstars in a music video now.  Let the royalties roll in.  No not really we never got paid.  Volunteering is what a good christian does before they head to church right?  Actually before we mentioned we had to leave to head to church the mother/crew person mentioned that their family was Catholic and she was humming some good ol’ christian music to herself.

Enjoy the music video.  I don’t think it’s on Much Music but apparently he’s big in the Latino music scene.  We were supposed to be checking him out as he came in the store.  Then when his posse came by we were supposed to flirt with them.  I burst out laughing while watching this for the first time this morning because my flirting looks more like I’m making coffee conversation about the latest discoveries in the benefits of Vitamin D.  I might need some flirting lessons from flirty girl in the black jacket.

Peace of the Ocean

November 25, 2010

Let’s go beyond the city line
out toward the ocean’s tide
where all my wandering thoughts subside
and peace silences the mind.


Calming of the Storm




New Music

November 24, 2010

I love finding out about new artists.  Especially when I listen to something new and I’m hit with something that really piques my interest all my thoughts come to a halt-my brain shuts down all other corners that are busy processing and thinking of other things and it goes really quiet to take it in.

I want to share some music with you that I’ve heard that made my world stop for a few minutes as I took it in.  It may not do it for you but that’s okay there’s something for everyone.

I will share my own new music someday soon so let your anticipation build cause I’m really proud of what’s developping.  But first:

A band called Elbow that U2, Coldplay and Radiohead are all a fan of. They are from Europe and are lesser known.  Each of these songs have quite a different feel from the other.  Diversity is awesome!



Alexi Murdoch I know nothing about except that he has a song on the OC and I first heard of him when his cd was in a sealed and packaged Michael Buble cd case instead of Michael Buble’s cd.




November 23, 2010

It’s easy to feel a bit bi-polar with school sometimes.  I’ll walk out of class full of belief and know in my gut that something I’ve just learned feels right and fits with what I picture and dream for myself.  On other days I’ll leave another class wondering if/how/when/what is for me in the music “business” and what just doesn’t sit right in my gut. This leaves me feeling mostly dejected and worried that I’m not cut out for the experience of the music business.  This happened just the other day when I was leaving my Entertainment Business class.  After I slipped into a Producer class that a teacher of mine invited me to along with a few others to sit in on if we wanted since the guest speaker is a producer from Sony.  I almost didn’t go. Besides, I could’ve been grilling some burgers or making meatloaf.  But I stayed.  Good thing.  What a great class.

There was one particular thing he said that set everything on course again for me and brought me peace of mind.  He said “stay in your craft (eat, breathe, live) and if you do, God, the universe, whatever you believe in….I believe in God but if you stay in your craft God, or that greater power etc will make everything line up”.  He was referring to anxieties we all have about finding the right opportunities, or any opportunities at all, or making something of your efforts.  This spoke right to my heart because everything that has brought me here to this school has so been about that.  Everything just lined up-even down to my roommates, my apartment and the fake snow they just sprayed on the Scientology Christmas tree (I was missing snow).  I digress.

So before that class I was worried about many things: about what was right and not right for me in the “biz”, what I wanted and didn’t want, if I could/should this or that and seeing results as far as gigs, opportunities or whatever else.  I talked to the guest speaker afterwards, got some contact info, exchanged an email or two and BAM things lined up.  He invited me to go to UCLA to be a vocalist for a class he was teaching for producers. It would be on how to work with, record and get the best performances out of a vocalist in the studio.  I’ll elaborate more on this later but the main thing he said to me the day of the first class, in the email and again in person lastnight after he heard me sing for the first time was “I knew there was a spirit about you, you’ve got something inside”.  Thank God I went to the class, stayed in my craft and so was prepared to receive what He had coming down the pipeline!


1920’s Revisited

November 22, 2010

Two weekends ago I was invited to a 1920’s themed birthday part.  A friend of mine from school is in her last year of her 20’s.  This is the second 1920’s event I’ve attended and I think it’s such a great costume period.  You almost can’t help but feel regal or suave and debonaire when dressed in 1920’s fashions.

I'm Lookin At You Schee

Shayna and I


Birthday Girl


Guys And Dolls






Wakey Wakey Eggs And Bakey

November 19, 2010

I have a wonderful patio just outside my apartment.  It faces my school MI so I can see when a Live Play Workshop is happening (more on those later), when firetrucks are passing by every 20 min or so and when people are getting busted by cops on the street corners.  I can also see children playing and puppies and balloons.  I have a great view of the Scientology Christmas display coming along and the patio faces the setting sun.

One of my favourite things is to enjoy my favourite breakfast on a warm sunny day on the patio.  I prepare a bowl of vanilla yogurt with strawberries and bananas or other choice fruits and sprinkle a granola mix on top.  The local grocery store has a pumpkin spice granola mix, a cranberry almond mix etc.  Of course it wouldn’t be complete with a delicious cup of pumpkin spice or dark roast home-brewed coffee mmm!




Set Up